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Boyko Mitkov belongs is one of the most prominent Bulgarian sculptors of the generation born in the first years of the second half of the twentieth century. He has graduated at the National Academy of Arts with a solid academic education. Soon after his graduation, he took his own, very peculiar path, which somehow put him away from the development and the main directions and tendencies of Bulgarian art of sculpture from the end of the XX and the beginning of the XXI century.

Boyko Mitkov is an artist with an impressively wide creative range. With equal success he has realized figurative monumental sculptures, works of so-called "Public Art", abstract works, objects, reliefs, medals, small plastic.

The artist has the rare gift to change and adapt his style depending on the specific social perspective, the environment (exterior, interior) and the spatial features that determine the specific parameters of a concrete piece of art. The same can be said for the country in which he carries out his next creative project (the author has been working outside Bulgaria for a long time). Though, this hasn’t been eclecticism. Versatile and complete, organic, Boyko Mitkov is both, a Bulgarian, who has firmly established and mastered the national traditions in the field of sculpture and, a citizen of the world open to all new tendences and trends in the millennial art of sculpture.

Immersed in the conflicts and contradictions of today's world, the artist retains his respect for classical traditions. He achieves a kind of synthesis between history and modernity, because he is convinced that sculpture is an art able to reconcile seemingly insoluble contradictions.

Boyko Mitkov has developed his talent in different directions. He strives to load his works with highly associative potential. In many cases, the boundaries between what we call a "piece of art" and what in modern visual forms is usually called an "object" possessing certain aesthetic, expressive characteristics and impact are blurred. This overcomes the common notions for sculpture as part of the Fine Arts family.

At the same time, the artist experiments with materials and shapes that allow him to compose complex combinations of formed openings, to combine external and internal space in order to enrich and diversify the impact of plastic art.

Another important point of the author's current work is the unification of different time and scale elements within a single piece of art. This creates preconditions for a more dynamic and "polyphonic" sounding of the plastic, a message embedded in the sculptor's various opuses.