Vasil Stoev

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Vasil Stoev is among the most established and among the most famous abroad contemporary Bulgarian artist of his generation. His paintings represent a complex unity of intellect and feeling, structure and expression, figurative art and abstraction.

He manifests himself mostly in the field of painting, more precisely - in the easel painting. The artist is convinced that the potential of traditional painting has not dried up and it still has something to say to the viewer, despite the fact that today traditional painting is adjacent to such new media as installation, performance or video.

The artist usually seeks a contrasting comparison between the static character of the main motif and the dynamic construction of the form. The strokes of the brush, the embossed layers of paint, the relatively large share of improvisation and temperamentally applied strokes are usually combined with flat, smooth monochromatic planes, with strict silhouettes. The viewer has the feeling that is witnessing constant changes of matter, which seems to explode in her eyes, then calms down and freezes on the canvas. The picture space is saturated with dots, lines, spots and planes that enliven and spiritualize the tones filling them with vitality and inner tension.

The artist paints such works, which are picturesque signs and symbols of complex mental states, of various emotional impulses or, of contradictory passing sensations. But all this is not expressed through figures or a story, but indirectly, along the way, by plastic associations. This opens a wide space for the imagination of the one who examines the works.

Therefore, regardless of the abstract language the works find a response in the viewer without having to look for and find out specific references to certain objects or to certain topics. The picture seems to be pierced by some inexpressible mystery and, at the same time, it is shaped as an elegant and pleasing spectacle of colors and tones. It is this quality that saves the works from one-sided decorativeness.

Vassil Stoev’s paintings are perceived as a kind of "parables" and, at the same time, as aesthetically finished subject forms which fit perfectly into public and private interiors. This peculiar duality is a sign of an authentic talent and mature painting mastery.