Mihail Lalov

List of products by Mihail Lalov

The main field of Mikhail Lalov's creative performances is painting, although he also presents magnificent drawings which even more spontaneously, compared to the paintings, reveal the specialities of his artistic temperament.

The peculiarities of the artist's stylistic handwriting are rooted in the strongly expressed improvisational beginning which unlocks explosive energy, expressed in various combinations of lines, spots, silhouettes, figurative elements, colored extravaganzas, which pour like a torrent on the canvas.

Lalov is an extremely talented, born colorist. He draws inspirations from nature, but his imagination as an artist takes him far beyond the visible into a pictorial world in which the fairytale beginning is detached from monotony, triviality, prosaic. He turns the work into an autonomous plastic organism with its own laws and its own logic of formulation.

The author often interprets the eternal motif of a naked female body enriching his inventions with the idyllic atmosphere of the loving couple against the background of imaginary spaces in which lyrical and mythological symbols and metaphors free the protagonists from everything daily and material. Lalov has a gift to build up from the pictorial matter a spiritual and full of aesthetic intonations special visual atmosphere which permeates the figurative world of the work.

These qualities of a painter help him saturate his paintings with a high degree of emotional tension. It stems from the artist’s expressive manner of work which does not, however, provoke collisions or dramatic notes. It is filled with harmony and beauty. The features of his personal style make the figurative and abstract beginnings coexist albeit sometimes in conflicting, tense relations with each other in a balanced organic whole of the work.

Mikhail Lalov's paintings contain a universal poetic charge, imagery that brings joy, light and a strong life-affirming beginning.