Nikolai Yanakiev

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Nikolay Yanakiev is rightfully considered one of the most famous and established contemporary Bulgarian artists of the middle generation. A winner of numerous awards he has successfully participated and sold his paintings at important international forums, including the auction of the trading house "Christie's". A famous painting from his series "Girl in Front of a Mirror" appears as a commemorative stamp in honor of the author at Who's Who in International Art in Lausanne.

Nikola Yanakiev shows himself in the field of portraiture, interior design and abstract painting.

The individual approach of the author to a portrait task is manifested both in the choice of the form and in the assessment of the placement of the figure in the space. The artist discovers and realizes a rich arsenal of plastic possibilities. Each and every person seemingly "dictates" to the author the choice of formal guidelines for solving the task (figure-background, color, texture, etc.). Various techniques come into play - academicism, impressionism, fauvism, expressionism, pop art, etc.

For the artist, the painting is kind of a "living" organism with all of its idiosyncrasy. At the same time, he spreads in the painting his persistent features that make him instantly recognizable and identify him in the storehouse of cultural memory. Thanks to the expressive power of the "suggestive color" (Van Gogh) and the bright traces of author’s work with the brush, he makes us implicated in the very process of creating the work.

The metamorphoses of colors, lines, shapes and complex picturesque textures and various material substances create in the viewer a feeling of plastic forms which "pulsate" between the feeling of "three-dimensionality" and the two-dimensional plane of the canvas.

Yanakiev's painting ranges from reduced, deliberately ascetic monochrome solutions to the explosive tonal profusion of strokes, embossed layers and brush bumps, which create a rich polychrome extravaganza. It pleases the eye and brings an aesthetic emotions.

We know the artist mostly as an expressive painter, as an author of a complex and richly gradated tones. He is a master of original color combinations, of the most unexpected ideas and twists of the visual in his various spatial and material incarnations, as an artist with a bright stylistic of his own, mostly in abstract painting.