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Aneliya Galabova starts her professional journey in 2012, the year she began actively creating with oil paints and later continuing also with acrylic. Her style is influenced by several artist movements, precisely fine art, surrealism, abstraction and impressionism. She is a part of different exhibitions since 2015. 

Her favorite themes are sunrises and sunsets. For her Nature is real inspiration and prevails in her creativity. During her relatively short professional career, Aneliya Galabova succeeded to seize people harts and her paintings are bringing joy to their new owners worldwide and all over Bulgaria. Her paintings are part of private collections in England, Canada, Australia, Serbia and United States of America. Also there are represented in the permanent expositions of several galleries.  

  • Aneliya Gala: "Roses"


    Autor: Aneliya Galabova

    Size: 40х50

    Technique: Oil paints. UV varnished. Painted with artistic spatula.

    Frame from PVC foam colored in cold gold.

    Style: Fine art

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  • Aneliya Galabova: "Autumn...


    Autor: Aneliya Galabova

    Size: 40х40

    Technique: Oil paints. UV varnished.

    No Frame.

    Style: Fine art

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  • Aneliya Galabova: "Mature...


    Autor: Aneliya Galabova

    Size: 30х40. 

    Technique: Drawing technique: Laminated canvas with acrylic paints and structured paste. Varnished.

    Frame 2, 5 cm.

    Style: Fine art

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  • Aneliya Galabova: "Papuri"


    Autor: Aneliya Galabova

    Size: 40х40cm

    Weight: 0,700 kg

    Technique: Oil paints. Primed canvas. Painted with artistic putty.

    Style: Fineart
    Frame Description: PVC foam frame. Colore cru, embossed with gold edging on the inside. The frame measures 5.5 cm wide.

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  • Aneliya Galabova: "The path...



    Size: 70х With frame:60х80 cm.

    Technique: Canvas with acrylic paints and gold metal slag. Varnished with protective UV varnish.

    Framed with PVC frame pale gold.

    Style: abstraction


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  • Aneliya Galabova: ''The...


    Autor: Aneliya Galabova

    Size: 46х55 cm

    Technique: Oil paints. Varnished with UV firniz.

    Framed with PVC frame 2.5 cm

    Style: Realism

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  • Aneliya Galabova:...


    Autor: Aneliya Galabova

    Size: 50х70. External dimensions 60x80.

    Technique: Drawing technique: primed canvas. Mixed technique – acrylic paints, structuring pasta and gold slag metal. The painting is protected with UV varnish.

    Dimensions of the frame: 5,5 cm. Same is made from PVC foam ecru color and internal golden edge colored in warm antique gold

    Style: abstraction

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