Tatiana Georgieva

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Tatyana Georgieva creates with watercolors from year 2008. She discovered watercolors in studio Alupi in Paris and since then paints mainly using that technique. Since 2017 till now, already in Bulgaria, she continues to improve with the help of the artist Ivan Dodov. Her creative quest is connected with Ala prima technique, it means ‘from first attempt” technique that you paint in one breath. With her paintings Tatyana Georgieva presents not actually the objective reality, but the psychological mood of the artist. The interpretation of the reality is fulfilled through rich colors and through the game of the water phases, basic impression of the watercolor. The technique “wet in wet” with its spread and the effect of gradually drying, water works together with the artist and pigments, to give shape of deliberately sought, but sometimes surprising final result. Plots are usually landscapes, linked with internal experience, memories and feelings.