This Privacy Policy aims to inform you about how OptiArt Ltd. treats your personal data as an administrator, as well as how you can control your preferences and settings in relation to this treatment.

What does this Privacy Policy govern and on what legal basis?

As of May 25, 2018, the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection (GDPR) will be applied in Bulgaria. It has been adopted by the European Union and aims to harmonize the policies of the EU Member States regarding the collection and use of personal data. Another of its goals is to guarantee our right to privacy, to protect our personal data, to give more security against the misuse of personal information of each of us.

The new regulation comes with a number of requirements that OptiArt EOOD applies.


Among them are:

• To inform you what data we use.

• Let you know why we use them.

• Ask for your consent to use them when we provide additional services based on them, such as targeted advertising.

• Give you the opportunity to change your consent for various purposes through this site to have more freedom.

• To guarantee you the right to request correction of your data, their deletion, as well as to be "forgotten". In addition, we may provide you with downloadable data or transfer it if you notify us and identify yourself accordingly.

• Indicate all third parties / other companies with whom we share your data. Keep in mind that the Internet is a global network, we often use standardized services to register logins and track behavior in an anonymous version, such as Google Analytics.

All data that can be used to identify a user are considered personal data. These can be email, names, mobile phone, residential address, IP address.


What data we collect from our registered users

OptiArt EOOD collects from the users of the website specific data from the registrations made by them in order to analyze the behavior of its users, as well as to provide them with more relevant content and advertisements, namely the following categories of personal data:

• From - email address, gender and age of the user, username, product delivery address, IP address, phone number, comments left in the comment field.

• From - email address for receiving email marketing, email address for receiving email marketing through a third party MailChimp, Metrilo and others.

To add and manage comments, we collect personal data provided by you according to how you access the solution:

• Names and email address;

• login information;

• Facebook login information

• Twitter login information

• Google+ login information

The comments themselves are public, so we kindly ask you not to add personal data and information that you would not like to see publicly shared in them.

Data collected for all visitors to our website

We collect data for all visitors - registered users and visitors without registration, namely the following categories of data:

• IP address;

• User identifier with a high degree of uniqueness;

• Device ID for mobile applications, with a high degree of uniqueness;

• Browser ID, with a high degree of uniqueness;

• History of pages visited, including secondary processing, in order to establish your preferences for certain types of content;

• History of your searches on our pages;

• History of your orders

• Some types of behavior - e.g. a list of the ads viewed by their category and your interaction with them - the availability of the ad in the visible part of your browser; clicks made; pressing the buttons to hide the ad and others.


Data collected from reading cookies

When users use our services - read news, watch videos, shop, among the data that help us understand how our services work in the best way and to make them even better for you, are cookies. These are small text files that are sent from the web server to the browser you are using and stored on your device so that the site can recognize it. There are two types of cookies - permanent and temporary or "session" cookies. Persistent cookies are stored as a file on your computer or mobile device for a longer period of time. Session cookies are temporarily stored on your computer when you visit a site in our portfolio, but are deleted the moment you close the page. Most cookies do not contain sensitive information about you or personal data that we can use to identify you directly. The purposes for which we use cookies are mainly to monitor your behavior in the following areas:

• Tracking sections of the sites you visit;

• How much time you spend on a site;

• How long you watch a video;

• The ads you have seen and / or interacted with;

• Placed orders, adding and removing products in the basket


To whom we share and disclose your personal data

Sometimes we record some of the information on our servers or send it to third parties. This is necessary so that we can provide you with the best experience at use of our services, and sometimes in general, so that we can ensure the availability and accessibility of the service you use.

OptiArt Ltd. does not grant the right to use, sell, disclose or share information about you (personal data within the meaning of the GDPR) with other persons or unrelated companies, except when necessary to provide you with requested services and when you have granted your permission, or in any of the following cases:

The information is provided to trusted partners who work on assignment by OptiArt EOOD on the basis of contractual relations and by virtue of confidential agreements. These companies may use such information in order to enable OptiArt EOOD to deliver advertising to its users. However, these companies do not have the right to share this information on their own. These companies are, without being exhaustive:


Google with its respective products: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, DoubleClick for Publishers, AdX, AdSense, Google Case, Google IMA, Google Plus:;


Facebook with the respective products: Facebook Tracking Pixel, Facebook Tools - Plug-in “like” button, Sign in with Facebook profile, etc .:;


Mail Chimp:


Twitter widgets:;

Open Graph;



The information is in compliance with the lawful prescriptions of court orders on legitimate requests from authorized bodies (pursuant to the Electronic Communications Act, the Criminal Procedure Code, the Criminal Code, etc.).

If you do not want us to send the information to some of our partners, you can withdraw your consent HERE.


Information protection

When we store the information with us, it is physically stored on servers located in data storage centers on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

We restrict access to information about you by employees acting under the direction of Revita Ltd., except in cases where there are reasonable grounds to handle this information in order to provide you with services or in connection with the work duties performed by these employees.


We have physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with our legal obligations regarding the protection of information about you.

How long we store the information

The storage of data continues as long as we have a reason to store it. For example - our user has given his consent to collect and process information about him or has an account at

We apply the following deadlines for the storage of different types of personal data according to their purpose, namely:

• For the purpose of measuring the user behavior of the sites in our portfolio - according to the period of validity of the registration of the respective cookie;

• For the purposes of behavioral targeting - no more than 1 (one) year.

The Electronic Communications Act applies to traffic data and the data is stored for 6 months. These data shall be transmitted to the specialized bodies and institutions only in compliance with legal provisions and with due grounds.

Rights of data subjects under the GDPR

• Right of access to your personal data: you have the right to receive confirmation from us whether personal data is being processed for you and, if so, you have the right to access personal data and information.

• Right to correct personal data: if you find that the personal data we process about you is inaccurate, you have the right to have us correct this personal data.

• Right to delete personal data (right to be forgotten): in certain circumstances, such as if your personal data has been processed illegally or you have withdrawn your consent (if the processing of personal data is based on consent), you have the right to request and receive deletion of your personal data from us. You can download the form for "Request to be Forgotten" HERE

• Right to restrict processing: in certain circumstances, such as if you have doubts about the accuracy of your personal data or have objected to our legitimate purpose of processing your personal data, you have the right to request that we restrict the processing of your personal data until a solution is found.

• Right to object to the processing: in certain circumstances, such as if you doubt our legitimate interest in processing your personal data, you have the right to object to such processing for reasons specific to your situation.

• Right to data portability: if your personal data is processed by automatic means with your consent or for the purpose of fulfilling our contractual relationship, you have the right to request that we provide your personal data in machine-readable format for transfer to another data controller. You can download the Request for Portability of Personal Data HERE

• Right to lodge a complaint with a control body: you have the right to lodge a complaint regarding the processing of your personal data by us with the relevant control body.

Download the “Withdrawn Consent Form for Processing” HERE

Download "Request for portability of personal data" HERE

Download "Request to Be Forgotten" HERE



Administrator: OptiArt EOOD, UIC 206485459, residential complex Polygon, bl. 43, ent. A, 2nd floor, office 6, tel. +359 878194162. Data Protection Officer: Svetlozar Ivanov; email: